General FAQ`s

Does it cost anything to use ModelGenics? ModelGenics with all basic functions are free.

ModelGenics with all basic functions are free.

Who uses ModelGenics?

Our largest growth of new members will be models, talents, talent recruiters, photographers, makeup artists, talent agencies, wardrobe stylist, media-influencer, and entertainment personalities.

Can I join if I am a Talent but not a Model?

This platform is created for all aspiring models as well as all talents in the entertainment industries. No matter what kind of talent you are, having a good picture is a great advertising tool. We strongly believe all talents are needed for all aspects of entertainment and this is your platform. Everyone with a talent, is welcome to join and get discovered.

How can ModelGenics help me in the Modeling/Entertainment Industry?

1. Establish your professional modeling/talent portfolio in high resolution and expose your name to top searches to talent recruiter. 2. Find and connect with industry professionals. 3. Browse the network and build a working relationship. 4. Learn about castings, and get work. 5. Great way to exchange work with other professionals with the same visions 6. Discover new opportunities by using the search engine 7. Reference all the professionals you work with to establish credibility/reliability as a Model/Talent/Photographer/etc. 8. Build your network and wardrobe by checking out events on ModelGenics. Events include sample sales, fashion updates, arts, and music, and networking parties.

What does it take to join ModelGenics?

Simply create an account by entering a name, a working e-mail address and password, and basic info about yourself

Is it difficult to use ModelGenics?

We aim to make ModelGenics very user-friendly. If you are familiar with any social media sites, it would take you a few minutes to learn how ModelGenics works. There are many different tools and settings but nothing too new for the average user, such as editing profile picture, about me, log in.

How do I close, cancel, or delete my account?

There is a deactivated button after you click on edit profile. Once this button is click and confirmed, your account will be disable. If you decide to reactivate your profile in the future, all data is saved so you don't have to go through the hassle of recreate it.